Top 10 Best Action movies on Netflix 2024

Top 10 Best movies on Nelflix 2024

Top 10 Best Action Movies on Netflix 2024 List

Sure, here are the top 10 best action movies on Netflix in 2024, along with brief descriptions:

In the ever-expanding landscape of entertainment, action movies have held a special place, offering audiences an adrenaline-fueled escape into worlds of danger, heroism, and excitement. With the convenience of streaming platforms like Netflix, viewers can indulge in a plethora of pulse-pounding experiences right from the comfort of their homes. From heart-stopping stunts to intense combat sequences, Netflix boasts a diverse selection of action-packed films that cater to every taste. Let’s dive into the world of top 10 action movies on Netflix 2024 and explore some of the standout titles that are sure to get your heart racing.

1. Lift (2024)

2. Damsel (2024)

3. Code 8 part-2

4. The old Guard -2

5. Back in action

6. Rebel Moon Part -2

7. The Electric State

8. Trigger Warning

9. Beverly Hills cops

10. Monkey Man

Top 10 best Action movies on Netflix 2024 with Releases date

  1. Lift (2024) Top 10 Best Action movies on Netflix 2024

The film “Lift” follows an elite group of thieves, under the leadership of Cyrus Whitaker played by Kevin Hart, as they attempt to steal $500 million worth of gold from a passenger plane flying at 40,000 feet

A master thief is wooed by his ex-girlfriend and the FBI to pull off an impossible heist with his international crew on a 777-passenger flight from London to Zurich.

Release date: 12 January 2024 (USA)

Director:  F. Gary Gray

Distributed by: Netflix

Budget: $100 million

Cinematography:  Bernhard Jasper

Edited by: William Yeh


 2. Damsel (2024) Top 10 Best Action movies on Netflix 2024

A young woman agrees to marry a handsome prince — only to discover it was all a trap. She is thrown into a cave with a fire-breathing dragon and must rely solely on her wits and will to survive.

 Initial release: 8 March 2024

Director:  Juan Carlos Fresnadillo

Distributed by: Netflix

Music by:  David Fleming

Produced by: Joe Roth; Jeff Kirschenbaum

Production companies: PMCA Productions; Roth/Kirschenbaum Films

3. Code 8 part 2 Top 10 Best Action movies on Netflix 2024

In a city where people with powers are policed and oppressed, an ex-criminal must turn to a drug lord he despises to protect a teen from a corrupt cop.

Initial release: 28 February 2024

Screenplay: Jeff Chan, Chris Pare, Sherren Lee, Jesse LavercombeDirector:  Jeff Chan

Film series: Code 8

Distributed by: Netflix

Production companies: XYZ Films;  Collective Pictures

4. The Old Guard 2 Top 10 Best Action movies on Netflix 2024

The Old Guard 2 is an upcoming American superhero film directed by Victoria Mahoney, from a screenplay by Greg Rucka, based on his comic book of the same name.

Initial release: 2024

Director: Victoria Mahoney

Distributed by: Netflix

Produced by: David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, Don Granger, Charlize Theron, Beth Kono, Aj Dix, Marc Evans, Gina Prince-Bythewood

Production companies: Skydance; Denver and Delilah Productions; Marc Evans Productions

5. Back In Action  Top 10 Best Action movies on Netflix 2024

Back in Action is an upcoming American action comedy film directed by Seth Gordon from a screenplay he co-wrote with Brendan O’Brien, starring Cameron Diaz, Jamie Foxx, Kyle Chandler, and Glenn Close. The film is set to be distributed by the streaming service Netflix.

Initial release: 2024

Director:  Seth Gordon

Distributed by: Netflix

Produced by:  Seth Gordon, Beau Bauman, Peter Chernin, Jenno Topping

Production companies: Exhibit A; Chernin Entertainment;  Good One Productions

6. Rebel Moon Part-2  Top 10 Best Action movies on Netflix 2024

REBEL MOON – PART TWO: THE SCARGIVER continues the epic saga of Kora and the surviving warriors as they prepare to sacrifice everything, fighting alongside the brave people of Veldt, to defend a once peaceful village, a newfound homeland for those who have lost their own in the fight against the Mother world. On the eve of their battle, the warriors must face the truths of their pasts, each revealing why they fight. As the full force of the Realm bears down on the burgeoning rebellion, unbreakable bonds are forged, heroes emerge, and legends are made.

Initial Release: April 19 (2024)

Director: Zack Snyder

Writer: Shay Hatten ,Kurt Johnstad,Zack Synder

Stars: Sofia Boitella, Charline Hunnam, ED Skrein

7. The Electric State  Top 10 Best Action movies on Netflix 2024

The Electric State is an upcoming American science fiction adventure film directed by Anthony and Joe Russo and written by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. It is based on the graphic novel of the same name by Simon Stålenhag

Initial release: 2024

Directors: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo

Distributed by: Netflix

Based on: The Electric State; by Simon Stålenhag

Cinematography: Stephen F. Windon

Music by: Steve Jablonsky 

8. Trigger Warning  Top 10 Best Action movies on Netflix 2024

Trigger Warning is an upcoming American action thriller film directed by Mouly Surya in her English-language film debut, and written by Halley Gross, Josh Olson, and John Brancato

Initial Release: 2024

Director: Mouly Surya

Writers: John Brancato, Josh Olson, Halley Wegryn Gross

Stars: Jessica Alba, Mark Webber, Anthony Micheal Hall

9. Beverly Hills Cop: Axel FTop 10 Best Action movies on Netflix 2024

Detective Axel Foley finds himself drawn back to the opulent environs of Beverly Hills to investigate the untimely demise of a long-time confidant.

Initial release: 3 July 2024

Director:  Mark Molloy

Story by: Will Beall

Distributed by: Netflix

Based on: Characters; by: Danilo Bach; Daniel Petrie Jr.

10. Monkey Man  Top 10 Best Action movies on Netflix 2024

A young man ekes out a meager living in an underground fight club where, night after night, wearing a gorilla mask, he’s beaten bloody by more popular fighters for cash. After years of suppressed rage, he discovers a way to infiltrate the enclave of the city’s sinister elite. As his childhood trauma boils over, his mysteriously scarred hands unleash an explosive campaign of retribution to settle the score with the men who took everything from him.

Release date: 19 April 2024

Director: Dev Patel

Producers: Dev Patil, Jordan Peele, Basil Iwanyk, Samarth Sahni

Distributed by: Universal Pictures

Production companies: Bron Studios, Thunder Road Films, Monkeypaw Production, Minor Realm

Concept:  Creative Wealth Media;

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