The Dutch government is partnering with New York City to host New York Water Week to help address the global water crisis

Stakeholders from around the world will work together to preserve the world’s most valuable resource —

NEW YORK, March 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The government of the NetherlandsIn a relationship with NYCwill be host New York Water Week out of 18-24 March, which brings stakeholders together to work together on actions to address the global water crisis, as well as actions yet to be taken. More than 100 events will take place during New York Water Week, which runs parallel to the 2023 United Nations Water Conference – the first in 50 years.

New York Water Week, hosted by the government of the Netherlands and New York City, will bring together world leaders to address the global water crisis

New York Water Week brings together business leaders, scientists, government officials, local community leaders, non-profit leaders, academics and youth. The event comes at a critical time as the world grapples with the growing water and climate crisis. During New York Water Week, leaders from around the world are joined by Dutch and others NYC municipal representatives, as part of a platform for cooperation and collaboration between countries and communities looking for innovative solutions for a sustainable planet.

The goal is to initiate hopeful solutions to water scarcity, water pollution, floods, droughts, food production and biodiversity that threaten the lives of all. With water as the common thread enabling more resilient societies, climate-smart cities and thriving economies, New York Water Week expects to form coalitions. It will connect the international conference audience with the city new York to take action and influence the water action agenda.

Series of water events

The week-long experience begins on Saturday March 18th. One of the first events is the world watercourse in which Mina Guli, world-renowned water activist and ultra-marathon runner, will complete her epic 200 marathons in one year to raise awareness of the water crisis. The opening also takes place at the weekend World Water Film Festival (WWFF) at University of Columbia.

The opening ceremony will take place on Monday morning in an innovative water house at the Consulate General the Netherlands. Events include lectures, workshops, art, field trips, and professional and cultural exchanges that highlight the precious natural resource. A complete list of events see the New York Water Week website.

New York Water Week has three main themes:

  • Water Innovation & Enterprise – Private sector leaders will present their best practices during New York Water Week. It will include companies ranging from start-ups to multinationals.

  • Youth & Education – More than 200 youth teams from all over the world took part in the Gamechangers Challenge 2023. The final of the international competition takes place during New York Water Week.

  • Resilient Cities – The effects of extreme weather are felt enormously in urban areas. These include a lack of clean drinking water and flooding. New York Water Week will highlight cities where innovation and ingenuity come together to take action and discuss scalable ideas.

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