Mass media reveal Kremlin plans to re-elect Putin for fifth term

Vladimir Putin’s government has formulated preliminary “ideological guidelines” for the 2024 presidential campaign, which aim to position the current Russian leader as a “custodian of traditional values”.

Source: Medusaa Russia-based news agency, citing sources

Quote: “According to the presidential administration, Vladimir Putin will be positioned primarily as the ‘guardian of traditional values’ in the next elections. In addition, Kremlin ideologues want to rely on the rhetoric of Russia’s ‘moral superiority’ over other countries.”

Details: A source close to the Kremlin noted that the “conservative isolationist ideology” for the new presidential campaign “began to be implemented” before the all-out invasion began in late 2021.

The Kremlin then argued that the theme of “anti-Western conservatism” should gradually replace the promotion of “Russian world” ideas in the rhetoric of officials and propagandists. The aim was to sell voters the image of Russia as a “state in itself”, preserving traditions and interacting relatively little with the outside world.

Now these developments have been adjusted: the theme of the “Russian world”, which supposedly includes many countries of the former USSR, is to become part of the concept of a “state within itself”.

Sources say that one of the ideological bases of the campaign will be the developments of the “DNA of Russia” project. The Kremlin’s political bloc is working on this project to study the “Russian worldview” together with the educational society “Znanie” (Knowledge).

What the “Russian worldview” is, the project organizers do not clearly explain. The news agency, based on statements by ideologues, assumes that these are certain “value constants” that “inherent” in Russia throughout its history. These “constants” include “community, a sense of duty and purpose, existential stability and the priority of the immaterial over the commercial”.

A closed seminar on the presidential campaign also stipulated that Putin should surpass his own results in 2018, when he received 76.69% of the vote with a turnout of 67.54% (in the 2012 election it was 63.6% of the votes). Choose). voting with a turnout of 65.34%).


Putin became the first state figure in 1999 when Boris Yeltsin appointed him Acting President of the Russian Federation. Putin took over as head of state permanently in March 2000. He was re-elected in 2004, 2012 and 2018.

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