Lukashenko devoted half of his speech to the war in Ukraine and the need for negotiations

In his address to the people and parliament, the self-proclaimed President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko traditionally blamed the West for all problems, mentioned the Russian occupation of Ukraine’s Crimea, boasted that he allegedly did a lot for peace in Ukraine, and said ten times as much as Zelenskyy and Putin had to negotiate.

Source: Lukashenko’s speech to the Belarusian people and parliament on March 31

Quote from the self-proclaimed President: “Where did all the well-known hot conflicts of the past few decades begin? With the West’s insatiable will to conquer the whole world. And not even the West – one country. With the transition to self-sufficiency, sometimes very powerful, truly independent states come under foreign control.”

Details: Lukashenko devoted almost his entire speech to Russia’s war against Ukraine. And every few minutes he stressed the need for negotiations.

The self-proclaimed President of Belarus recalled how Russia occupied Crimea.

According to Lukashenko, the Russian Federation was allegedly “forced to take extraordinary measures by incorporating Crimea into Russia” to prevent “the risk of Ukraine joining NATO”. And then Putin was allegedly “forced to take measures to protect the Russian people.”

Lukashenko described how he allegedly tried to stop Russia’s war against Ukraine, allegedly “running like a dog from one president to another passing various messages” and even offering to “station Belarusian border troops on the 450 km border that demanded of the Ukrainians “control over Ukraine”.

He also recalled Russia’s nuclear threats as “World War III with nuclear fires loomed on the horizon”, adding that it was necessary to start “negotiations without preconditions”.

Lukashenko also said he allegedly “in a brotherly and childlike manner” persuaded Zelenskyy to end the war at the time.

Now there is also a “unique opportunity for negotiations” because Russia is said to have “not yet fully utilized its military production” because “if it uses full capacity, it will be difficult to talk about peace”.

After that, Lukashenko again, in the half-hour of his speech, suggested stopping fighting and declaring a “ceasefire without the right to move and regroup troops on either side.”

And if, in his opinion, “even the slightest movement of Western weapons across the border of Ukraine is noticed”, Russia is supposedly “obliged to use all its weapons, phosphorus ammunition, depleted uranium and enriched uranium, everything must be used”. .

Lukashenko also said he allegedly had “inside information” that the Ukrainian and Russian military were allegedly already “negotiating” at the line of contact.

“We must go to negotiations, go directly, not wait for mediators from the East or West,” Lukashenko said.

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