Meta ‘hoarded us like Pokemon cards’: Former employee reveals she had to ‘fight for work’ at the company

Silicon Valley VC Keith Rabois of the so-called PayPal mafia told a banking event earlier this month that big tech companies like Meta and Google had hired thousands of people to do “sham jobs”. Hitting hiring metrics out of “vanity” — and preventing them from working for competitors.

Speaking of layoffs at Google-owner Alphabet (12,000) and meta (11,000 in November and one more 10,000 this month), insider Rabois reported, saying: “There’s nothing for these people to do – it’s all sham work. Now it is revealed what these people actually do, they go to meetings.”

According to a former Meta employee, Rabois’ theory is absolutely true.

Former Meta contributor Brit Levy has taken to TikTok to share her “weird” experience with Mark Zuckerberg’s social media giant. In a video that has now racked up more than 1 million views, Levy explained: “I was hired in April 2022; three days after I was hired, we were asked to take part in a diversity survey.

“Everyone else I’ve worked with has worked on stuff, but I haven’t. So I’m one of those employees who was put in a really weird position where they immediately put me in a group of people who weren’t working.

“I mean, we just sat there. We basically had to fight to find work. It was a very strange environment and it seemed like Meta was hiring people so other companies couldn’t have us, and they were just hoarding us like Pokemon cards.”

Meta didn’t respond immediately Assets Request for comments.

“Year of Efficiency”

Levy’s TikTok comes after Mark Zuckerberg embarked on a “year of efficiency” at Meta, saying the company will be “more proactive about cutting projects that aren’t working or might not be as important anymore.” “.

Aside from the turbulent economic outlook, inflation and Fed rate hikes, Meta has had to deal with it Slowdown advertising revenue of the company. At the same time, investors and meta-shareholders become critical von Zuckerberg’s decision to steer the company into uncharted waters with his Metaverse push, which was first announced in late 2021.

Responding to a comment from a viewer who said not getting paid for anything sounds “great,” Levy countered in another video that the practice actually “really screwed up” people’s careers.

The mother-of-two explained: “You don’t really get paid to do nothing, you get paid to put your career on hold. You will receive a temporary salary that may reduce your lifetime earning potential.

“A lot of people turned down other very legitimate good opportunities or gave up really good jobs to go to Meta and get those jobs. Then if they don’t do anything, it’s like, ‘Okay, what’s going to happen? I’m not learning new skills, I’m not working on projects.'”

“It puts you in a position where it’s really difficult to get another job. It’s a compromise and it sounds great, but it’s really going to screw up people’s careers.”

Pastime in the Metaverse

Levy previously said insider She was hired at Meta Sourcer Development Program, a 12-month program designed to help workers from underrepresented groups break into the enterprise technology recruitment industry. She started the program in April released after just six months and claims she refused to sign a settlement.

She said people in the program were assigned to different teams, and hers happened to be one of the light-duty ones. As a result, she said, she spent her time getting to know employees across the company.

“The participants in the program were divided into different teams during the meta,” she explained. “People on those teams were full-time employees who had been with Meta for years — and those people weren’t doing anything.


Replying to @llllll0llll1 respecffully, you really dont know what you are talking about. This was not a reflection of the program I was in. And it sounds like the program you were in sucked. #reply #meta

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“I’ve had all the time in the world to message random people: engineers, program managers, project managers. I texted them and had a 15-20 minute chat about what they were up to all day and they told me it was them. I’m not working on anything either.

“We also had groups of people doing this thing called dog-fooding, where you just volunteer to do metaquests, go into the metaverse and see if you can run into any bugs or glitches, and then just report it. A few people did it because we had nothing to do.”

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