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Yahoo Sports MLB writers Hannah Keyser and Zach Crizer share their choices for the classic fall showdown they’d like to see develop as the highlight of the 2023 Major League Baseball season. Hear the full conversation on Yahoo Sports’ new baseball podcast, The Bandwagon. Be sure to subscribe Apple, Spotify, stapler or wherever you get your podcasts.

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HANNAH KEYSER: My 2023 World Series matchup I’m pushing for is the Seattle Mariners vs. the San Diego Padres. OK the battle – when I asked Jake the husband again about it he said oh the battle of Peoria where they both play in spring training. And I thought nobody else is–

ZACH CRIZER: Nobody will care

HANNAH KEYSER: – so I will think about it. But as I’ve seen them together a lot, I’ve come back to Peoria a lot because these two teams are very fun, very interesting, and in a very specific position. Basically, I chose it because it’s like the World Series match with no bad results. Neither of these teams has ever won a World Cup. The Mariners have been playing for 47 seasons. this will be her 48th. The Padres have been playing for 55 seasons. This will be her 56th. And over the years, these two teams–

ZACH CRIZER: zero title.

HANNAH KEYSER: –have not won a World Series title. And if they both win the pennant, which would also be the first time the Mariners have won the pennant, then we could say, wow. That’s great. Just as we know in advance that a massive drought lasting nearly half a century, if not more, is about to erupt. That is very cool.

ZACH CRIZER: Everything you need to go to a World Series match as a villain across the country. You need the Astros, you need the Dodgers, you need the Yankees, you need someone that everyone who isn’t a fan of this team hates or doesn’t want to win. You need a contrast in styles. I came up with another matchup that emphasizes villainess that I think really draws people to the World Series, and that’s a Subway Series. The Mets and the Yankees.

Well, the Yankees haven’t won since 2009. Do you agree they are the team under the most fan-based pressure to get a ring?

HANNAH KEYSER: I do. Although I don’t like that narrative because — maybe I’ll write about it — I think it’s like the Yankees fans are feeling offended and putting pressure on their team is that kind of claim. For example, why do we have to care that you haven’t seen a World Series in over a decade? Oh my God.

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