Mets’ Diaz is the latest on the list of freak-celebration injuries

Edwin Díaz jumped for joy with his Puerto Rican teammates.

Then Díaz collapsed on the lawn and the party came to an abrupt end.

Díaz, an all-star closer for the New York Mets, injured his right knee in a 5-2 win over the Dominican Republic on Wednesday night – a harrowing scene that set the mood of a club emerging from a berth in the world of Baseball’s rise, nullified Classic Quarterfinals.

The right-hander was jumping with teammates in infield when he collapsed and was wheeled off the field. Díaz’s brother, Reds pitcher Alexis Díaz, also cried as Edwin was placed in a chair and wheeled away. Met’s teammate and Puerto Rico shortstop Francisco Lindor stood nearby with his hands on his head.

Díaz signed a five-year, $102 million deal in November to remain with the Mets, one of several moves Mets owner Steve Cohen hopes will bring Queens a championship.

Now his season could be in jeopardy.

PHOTOS: Mets’ Díaz is last on the list of freak-celebrations injuries

“It’s just a crazy thing,” Phillies batter Kyle Schwarber said after the United States defeated Colombia 3-2 in Phoenix. “You hate to see it, but that’s the risk you take with these things. Someone can get hurt.”

Díaz isn’t the first player to get injured while partying. Here are some others:

– After the Los Angeles Angels’ Kendrys Morales defeated the Seattle Mariners with a grand slam at the end of the ninth round in 2010, he took a giant leap onto home plate and broke his leg. The bouncy scrum at home was then banned by manager Mike Scioscia.

– Chicago Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster broke his big right toe in 2009 when his foot caught in the dugout railing while trying to run out with his teammates to celebrate a win over the Brewers.

– In 2001, the Minnesota Twins’ Denny Hocking broke his nose, compliments from his overzealous teammates who kept banging on his helmet’s shield after his first walk-off home run – and a couple of accidental shots to the face.

– After the San Diego Padres won their division in 2005, pitcher Jake Peavy fractured a rib while being hugged tightly by his teammates. The injury wasn’t discovered until weeks later when Peavy had an MRI after his memorable postseason (eight hits and eight earned runs in 4 1/3 innings).

– Washington Redskins quarterback Gus Frerotte decided to headbutt the padded wall behind the endzone after scoring in a short run against the Giants in 1997. Stunned but unbowed, he was checked out by the team coaches and continued playing before later in the game. He was then taken to a hospital with a sprained neck.

– Arizona Cardinals kicker Bill Gramatica ended his 2001 rookie season with a cruciate ligament tear. He was injured jumping up and down after scoring a 42-yard field goal against the Giants.

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