Freshman RB makes a strong impression on Michigan Football’s Sherrone Moore

ANN ARBOR, Michigan — Michigan football has an embarrassment of riches in the running backs room. Led by Blake Corum and Donovan Edwards, the Wolverines have the best double strike in the country.

But as we saw last year, when one goes under, you need more places that can step up and fill the role.

The Wolverines have a few — converted linebacker Kalel Mullings performed well in the Big Ten Championship game but fumbled at a key moment in the College Football Playoff semifinals; CJ Stokes was just a freshman last year but looked good coming in; Tavierre Dunlap and Isaiah Gash are somewhat unknown commodities.

That year, Michigan brought two freshmen: four-star Cole Cabana and three-star Benjamin Hall. Though Cabana is the one who grabbed the headlines, Hall has impressed the coaching staff, as offensive coordinator Sherrone Moore noted this week.

“Ben Hall – we knew he was a good back. He showed some things that Mike (Hart) obviously knew,” Moore said. “Mike does a great job recruiting and evaluating guys. And he’s a guy who didn’t rank very high, but he walks around the building, his legs are huge – they’re huge. He is built. He’s always in here. You have to throw him out. He’s always walking around with a water bottle, his headphones on, just always plugged in, focused. And he goes to the field, he runs like a train. I’m so excited to see him and make progress.

With the spring game coming up on Saturday, fans will surely be glued to the early enroller and his performance.

Outside of Hall, Moore shared some other freshmen who made early impressions, noting the two wide receivers and one of the offensive linemen who made it onto campus.

“First of all, from a cultural point of view, the guys were a great complement, just a great complement. Love all boys, love all kids,” Moore said. “Start with the boys in front; all these guys were great. Just looking forward to keeping them going and getting ready for fall camp. Spring Ball is here and we have Spring Game just around the corner and we’re excited to see everyone’s progress, especially our young freshmen.

“Amir (Herring) just to watch him grow, just to learn the system and see what he does. He was really good. Really really excited for these young recipients to see what they do. They were – they’re like little puppies out there, but they’re just full of energy. Full playmaker ability. We’re just looking forward to that.”

Herring was the only midyear player who could not attend bowl prep because he was attending a high school All-America game.

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