Former NFL star Rob Gronkowski on meeting Tiger Woods, shooter McGavin and what he would serve at his Masters Champions Dinner

Rob Gronkowski isn’t a great golfer, but he does have a day at the Valspar Championship.

On Friday, Gronk answered a few questions from the media at Innsbrook’s Copperhead Course, and by the looks of it, he loves it in Palm Harbor, Florida.

“So I came to Valspar last year and just had a wonderful time,” he said. “The special thing about it is that you can see some golf but at the same time this place is so great. I also played cornhole while watching everyone play golf. So I had to do some activities because I love activities. I’ve won a few games in cornhole versus some of the Lightning guys, in fact I’ve beaten them in cornhole.

“It’s just great.”

When it comes to golf, Gronk doesn’t get out that much – but he has high goals.

“I’ve probably played about a round of golf in total over the past six years,” he said. “I’ve played a lot of the golf simulators up north. I’m getting better. Let me tell you, these golf simulators are the real deal. I have a feeling they are actually very accurate.

“One thing I really enjoy doing is putt-putt. But I’m telling you right now I’m still very young, lived the fast life but I’m starting to settle down more and I feel like golf will be one of my games in the future. Eventually I will play in Pro-Ams. I’d say someday I’ll be a par guy. I will shoot par for about 15 years.”

Gronk hasn’t spent time with many current PGA Tour players, but he’s had some encounters with golfing greats over the years.

“I’ve actually never met really professional golfers. I really haven’t. Not personally, no. I met Tiger Woods very quickly once. He competed in the major New England golf tournament and practiced at our facility,” said Gronkowski. “Oh, yeah, and he just walked by and I was like, ‘What’s up Tiger? And he said: What’s up, Gronk? I shook his hand. So that’s the only professional guy I’ve ever met, I’m pretty sure.

“But I’ve actually met Shooter McGavin before and if you ask me he’s the #1 most professional golfer of all time. I met shooters.”

With the Masters coming up in a few weeks, Gronk was asked what would be on his menu if he hosted the Champions Dinner.

“My menu would be cheeseburgers, chicken finger subs, buffalo wings with blue cheese on the side and of course my lovely ice shaker right here with an ice cold drink in it that’s always a little tipsy baby,” he said.

Story originally appeared on GolfWeek

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