Fabio Paratici’s football ban has been extended to Tottenham Hotspur

Paratici looks at a cell phone – Fabio Paratici’s football ban extended to Tottenham Hotspur – PA/Andrew Matthews

Daniel Levy’s crisis at Tottenham Hotspur has deepened after football’s chief executive Fabio Paratici was banned worldwide by FIFA – less than 24 hours after Spurs released a video in which he spoke about Antonio Conte’s departure.

Paratici’s 30-month ban extends to all football-related activities, whether administrative, sporting or otherwise, nationally and internationally, barring him from any involvement Tottenham’s search for a new managerPlayer transfers or contract negotiations with Harry Kane.

The decision is said to have thrown Spurs into chaos on Wednesday, with Paratici’s future now being seriously called into question and lawyers believe they are evaluating his and the club’s options.

Sources now rate this as the worst crisis Levy has faced in his time as Tottenham chairman. Both the men’s and women’s teams have no permanent coach, Paratici is suspended worldwide, Kane’s future remains uncertain, the stadium has yet to be named and a season ticket price hike has been considered.

Telegraph Sport also reported that Tottenham had booked Beyonce for an extra concert date at the club’s stadium without a license and a source said: “This is by far the worst thing that has ever happened to Levy.”

All of this comes after Tottenham’s accounts last month revealed Levy had banked a pay rise of more than £500,000 and the club’s directors, among whom Paratici is named, made combined earnings of nearly £3million more than last year .

A source added: “In addition to all the issues that are obvious to everyone, staff morale is at an all-time low and Levy has been isolating. It’s a mess.”

Julian Nagelsmann is the number one goal to replace Conte permanently but candidates are not encouraged to sign for Spurs during the current turmoil.

Paratici is understood to have 10 days to request justification for Fifa’s decision, during which time the Italian could be allowed to work. He has the opportunity to appeal to the Fifa Appeals Committee.

But after that, Paratici will have to await the outcome of that appeal and Juventus’ appeal against the initial penalty the club and Paratici faced over alleged financial misconduct, which is due to be heard on April 19.

A statement from Fifa confirmed that Paratici’s suspension had been extended worldwide: “FIFA can confirm that the chairman of the Fifa Disciplinary Committee, at the request of the Italian Football Federation (FIGC), has decided to extend the sanctions imposed by the FIGC on several footballs Officials are meant to have global impact.”

Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust released a statement reiterating the need for the club to address fans about the club’s direction and strategy.

“These messages [on Paratici] further contributes to the extremely worrying situation at the club,” the Trust said. “No manager, no director of football and uncertainty about our star player and our end of the season. The fans deserve to hear a clear strategy statement from THFC so they can be reassured by the board in their plan to bring success and stability to the club.”

Paratici’s situation could be worsened by an Italian court case that has been postponed to May 10. The preliminary hearing of a criminal inquiry into the capital gains and payroll maneuvers of Juventus and people who worked at the club, which named Paratici among other defendants, began on Monday but was almost immediately postponed for just over six weeks.

That means he could still be penalized even if Juventus’ appeal on April 19 succeeds and sources believe Paratici is increasingly likely to give up his Tottenham role at the end of the season or sooner.

On Tuesday, less than 24 hours before Fifa confirmed his global ban, Tottenham released a video in which Paratici supported the decision to part ways with Conte and replace him with his assistant Cristian Stellini and Ryan Mason until the end of the season.

Paratici also said Tottenham need the club’s fans, many of whom are furious at the current situation, for the last 10 games while Spurs try to cling to a top-four spot and prepare for the trip to Everton to prepare next Monday evening.

Aside from fan anger over Paratici’s leadership situation and future, Levy will face a major backlash if he goes ahead with suggestions to increase the price of season tickets.

Telegraph Sport have been told they are considering announcing a sizeable price increase for season tickets, which are already among the most expensive in the Premier League. Such a move would incite the anger of fans who haven’t seen the club lift a trophy for 15 years.

Spurs have insisted there has been no confirmation of a price increase and it remains to be seen whether the club will be forced to rethink amid the crisis that has hit all levels of the club.

Source : sports.yahoo.com

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