US Agency for Global Media sets viewership record

A round of applause for the US Agency for Global Media – the federal agency that counts Voice of America and Radio Free Europe among its top six media companies. These networks reached a record weekly audience of 410 million people in 2022 — and they are mission-driven.

“The agency’s greatest concern is the information manipulation and media suppression tactics deployed by authoritarian governments in China, Russia, Iran and others seeking to undermine American values ​​and fuel political, economic and humanitarian crises around the world,” he said the agency said in a statement shared with Inside the Beltway.

In the paperback division, the agency will receive $944 million this year “to fund vital international broadcasting efforts.”

This push includes Current Time, a 24/7 Russian-language television and digital network launched in 2017 to bring news, public debate and fact-based reports on local, regional and international issues to audiences in Russia and elsewhere in Central and Eastern Europe Eastern Europe provide Europe.

The network is produced by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty in association with Voice of America. It’s also amazingly popular.

“Since the war began in February 2022, Current Time’s online videos have been viewed an unprecedented 4 billion times,” the agency noted.

Yes, that was billions – not millions.

“In the months following the Russian invasion, Current Time signed over 50 new media partners in countries like Estonia, Lithuania and Moldova – just as the media in those countries were dropping Russia’s RT. Current Time television content is also complemented by a robust and well-loved digital component that engages and connects global audiences through social media and other platforms,” the agency said – found at

Voice of America can be found at


Public protests and demonstrations in the style of the 1960s have lost none of their appeal to this day.

“A broad spectrum of anti-war organizations are coming together in a powerful weekend of action, anchored by a demonstration outside the White House,” advises the ANSWER Coalition, a group formed in 2001 to oppose the then-looming Iraq war.

The group plans to mark the 20th anniversary of that conflict on Saturday and, according to a press release, is focusing its activities on three themes: “Peace in Ukraine,” “Say No to Endless US Wars,” and “Funding People’s Needs, not the war machine.” The press release also noted that similar demonstrations will take place in a dozen other US cities.

“We are at a global crisis point that will only increase as the war in Ukraine continues. It’s what drives people from across the country to travel to DC or attend a rally near them,” explains the hosting group, also noting that Code Pink, the People’s Forum and the Black Alliance for Peace are supporting the sponsor the event together.

However, the very, very long list of participants goes on. Other participating organizations include the Green Party, Veterans for Peace, Students for a Democratic Society, the Socialist Party of America, Environmentalists Against War, Radical Elders,, and Peace, Land, and Bread.


The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute has a new director.

David V Trulio becomes President and CEO of this influential and energetic organization on April 3rd Frederick J Ryan JrChairman of the Board of Trustees of the non-profit group based in Simi Valley, California.

“Ronald Reagan is the greatest President of the 20th century. Especially during challenging times, one cannot overstate the importance for America – and the world – to safeguard and advance Ronald Reagan’s legacy, timeless principles and lofty example of leadership,” Mr. Trulio said in a written statement.

He will oversee a domain that includes the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum; the Reagan Center for Public Affairs; the Presidential Learning Center; Air Force One Pavilion; discovery center; and the Reagan Institute, which carries out the Foundation’s mission in Washington, DC

“Mr. Trulio will be tasked with driving dynamic expansion of the Reagan Foundation and Institute’s digital offerings, revenue streams and brand. Most recently, Mr. Trulio was Editor-in-Chief, Director of Strategy and Editorial at Fox News Digital – a news, analytics and opinion platform , which powers and In 2022, Fox News Digital had an average of 82.7 million unique multiplatform monthly visitors, was the top-performing news brand with multiplatform views, and was the most engaged news brand on social media.” foundation in a statement.

Mr. Trulio will succeed Johann Heubuschwho is retiring after a 2009 term. The organization now seems poised to go global.

“The Reagan Foundation and Institute is an indispensable resource not only for Americans but for people around the world who want to learn from one of the greatest leaders of the last century,” said Ryan.

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• 67% of US adults are “extremely or very concerned” that misinformation poses a “direct threat” to the US

• 61% are extremely or very concerned that China’s influence around the world poses a direct threat to the US

• 61% fear cyberattacks pose a direct threat to the US

• 53% are concerned that Russia’s influence around the world poses a direct threat.

• 51% are concerned that North Korea’s nuclear program poses a direct threat.

• 50% are concerned that the spread of infectious diseases poses a direct threat.

• 47% are concerned that Iran’s nuclear program poses a direct threat.

• 41% are concerned that illegal immigration poses a direct threat.

SOURCE: An Associated Press/NORC survey of 1,247 US adults conducted February 16-20 and released March 7.

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