Pence doesn’t commit to supporting Trump in 2024: ‘I think we’ll make better decisions’

WASHINGTON-Former Vice President Mike Pence revealed the sharpest split yet with his former boss on Sunday, forecasting “better decisions” than Donald Trump President in 2024.

Asked if the former president’s actions and inaction on Jan. 6 will keep him from being commander in chief again, Pence said on ABC’s This Week he’s been let down, but it’s ultimately a choice for the American people.

And he hinted that they would not re-elect Trump for president.

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What did Pence say about Trump?

In this file photo, former Vice President Mike Pence delivers a speech at the Calvin Coolidge Foundation Conference at the Library of Congress February 16, 2023 in Washington, DC.

Pence continued the independent streak he showed during the last gridiron dinner in Washington last weekend when he first said history would hold Trump accountable on January 6, 2021. On Sunday he reiterated that point, hinting that voters in 2024 could also hold him accountable.

“He’s running for election again, but as I travel across the country, I’m convinced the American people have learned the lessons of that day…” Pence told ABC host Jonathan Karl. “They know what happened, and they know that the President’s inconsiderate words that day put people in the Capitol at risk, including my family. I think they will take all of that into account when making decisions about the future of this country.”

Pence said he was “angry” on January 6 and had been working on forgiveness for some time.

“The President let me down that day,” Pence said. “He failed the country that day.”

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Will Pence support Trump in 2024?

When asked if he could ever back Trump for president, Pence said, “That remains to be seen.”

“I have to tell you that I think we’re going to make better decisions,” he said in one of his harshest criticisms.

Pence hasn’t said if he’s running for the Republican nomination in 2024, but he expects to make a decision soon.

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If Trump is arrested, Pence says all protests should be peaceful and lawful

Trump on Saturday morning claimed he was being arrested Tuesday, urging supporters to protest and “take back our nation,” echoing a similar message he had circulated prior to Jan. 6.

Pence urged calm on Sunday. “I believe that by speaking out when this happens on Tuesday, people will understand that they must do so peacefully and lawfully.”

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