Officials prepare for protests as MAGA sycophants push ‘Patriot Moat’ around Mar-a-Lago

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With former President donald trump insist that he is get arrested Meetings between city, state and federal law enforcement agencies were reportedly held as early as Tuesday to prepare for any mass protests or riots.

The talks come as far-right forums have been awash with ideas on how to keep Trump out of the clash — with one person’s suggestion Trump supporter was supposed to create a “patriotic moat” around the former president’s Mar-a-lago estate in South Florida to keep law enforcement from entering.

Police in Palm Beach, Fla. did not respond to questions from The Daily Beast about the threats. However, NYPD sources told The Daily Beast that their officers will be closely monitoring social media, as well as information from federal and other law enforcement agencies, to gauge the size of protests.

If there is a significant demonstration next week, NYPD sources said the force could deploy the Strategic Response Group, a roughly 700-strong unit trained in “disruption control.” The department could escalate that response if necessary by activating a Level 4 alert – which would put eight officers and one sergeant on alert in each precinct.

Trump believes arrest imminent, calls on MAGA protests to ‘take back our nation’

While online threats remained unchanged Saturday night, law enforcement at all levels appear to be preparing to prevent the outbreak of mass violence like the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. CNN reported.

That preparation has reportedly prompted meetings between senior staffers from the Manhattan Attorney’s office — who Trump could potentially indict as early as next week over alleged hush money payments to Stormy Daniels — officials who provide security at the state Supreme Court building in Lower Manhattan and the New York Police Department.

Following Trump’s Saturday barrage of messages on Truth Social – including nationwide calls protests— some of his most die-hard supporters started throwing ideas around online. Violent protest ideas found broad support on the Trump-friendly and far-right internet forum “The Donald”.

“Perimeter Mar-A-Lago or wherever he is and stop ‘law enforcement’ from entering,” wrote one commenter, which received hundreds of upvotes.

Another user replied, “What if they use helicopters to bypass the Patriots’ trench?”

The idea of ​​erecting a protective barrier around Trump at his Mar-a-Lago estate sparked talks about what kind of rifle ammunition could shoot down low-flying aircraft sent to take the former president into custody.

Earlier on Saturday morning, leader of “Stop the Steal”. Al Alexander suggested that “100,000 Patriots” should “close all routes to Mar-a-Lago”.

Although Alexander publicly called for action, he said he would not attend such an event.

Likewise, on Telegram, Alexander claimed to have spoken to a far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones– who also expressed no interest in organizing another protest on Trump’s behalf.

“He doesn’t protest either,” he added of Jones. “We both have enough to do fighting the government. No billionaire will cover our bills.”

On an “emergency” Saturday transferJones carefully tried to thread the needle between supporting Trump’s calls for protests against a possible indictment and warning his own supporters about the possible consequences of such violent events.

“Do not let them provoke you [sic] in violence,” Jones said, while warning his supporters about shady agents trying to hijack pro-Trump rallies.

Neither Alexander nor Jones immediately responded to The Daily Beast’s requests for comment.

But it’s not just Jones and Alexander, many in Trumpworld have yet to hear of concrete plans for protests.

“Negative,” attorney and pro-Trump pundit Jan. 6 Joseph McBride said The Daily Beast. “Just a few vigils,” he added.

Other Ultra-MAGA figures attacked Trump for even proposing protests after the January 6 events.

“The last time Trump’s biggest fans protested for him, he let them all rot in jail without a penny of legal fees from him,” according to right-wing expert Jesse Kelly wrote. “Not a dime. Shame on him. DO NOT go into a blue area and protest for that man. Ignore that.”

Similarly, Steve Bannon’s ally Grace Chong advised Trump supporters not to attend protests during this time explain: “Do not be stupid.”

If Trump were to be charged, authorities would set a date and time for his surrender, after which he would be formally charged and taken for fingerprints and a mug shot. That could result in both pro-Trump and anti-Trump protesters converging outside Manhattan Criminal Court — a clash officials fear could lead to a violent clash, CNN reported.

The New York Police Department and the FBI have also coordinated a contingency plan to deal with an increase in threats to the Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Brag and his staff when Trump’s extremist supporters — like the proud boys— targeting them, CNN reported, citing a source.

Part of these discussions is also Trump’s physical transportation. Secret Service agents handling Trump’s details in South Florida and New York are reportedly coordinating how to get Trump through crowds of protesters and the media to the district attorney’s office. Part of that discussion also included the need to secure an area for a possible press conference outside of the courthouse or inside Trump Tower.

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