Marjorie Taylor Greene warns of Donald Trump’s protest demands


representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) warned MAGA diehards planning to do this Protest against possible charges against Donald Trump after the ex-president repeatedly called on his supporters to take to the streets.

In a rare move, the MAGA-loving congressmen parted ways with Trump’s call for nationwide protests over fears such events could be hijacked and turned violent.

“There are a lot of concerns about protests because of people like Ray Epps and scaffold commander,” Greene told The Daily Beast on Sunday afternoon, expressing concern over a repeat of a Jan. 6 — which the Georgia congresswoman is certain was infiltrated by federal agents. “There are many reasons to believe that FBI agents or FBI agents instigated the Jan. 6 riot in the Capitol.”

At the same time, Greene told The Daily Beast that she strongly believes Trump supporters have the right to peacefully protest while making her objection to the lie of the Trump protest involving “federal agents.” [who] infiltrate political movements and seek to incite political violence.”

Previously, several followed Trump Truth Social Posts On Saturday, Greene urged her supporters to avoid protests.

“We don’t need to protest the Communist Democrats’ plans to arrest President Trump and our government’s political arming and election interference,” Greene said tweetedafter Trump’s demand “protests‘ appear in his name.

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Greene also reiterated a growing sentiment, gaining traction on the political right, centered around the theory that protests against Trump’s impeachment may be infiltrated by malicious actors.

“This could be a massive, nationwide setup to jail more Patriots,” a user on pro-Trump forum The Donald said Saturday. Right expert Jesse Kelly wrote on Twitter: “The last time Trump’s biggest fans protested for him, he let them all rot in jail without a dime in legal fees from him.”

Additionally, on Sunday, congressmen reinforced the idea that protesting for Trump is not in the best interests of his supporters.

“How many Fed/Fed resources are in place to turn protest against Pres. Trump’s political arrest into violence?” she asked on Twitter.

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The Georgia congresswoman later referred to the likely allegations behind the potential indictment against Trump – which reportedly revolves around alleged payments to porn star Stormy Daniels – as that of “stupid false accusations.”

So far there are only a handful of pro-Trump protests on the books, including one be promoted of failed Republican congressional hope Mike Crispy and another led by the New York Young Republican’s Chapter to be held in Lower Manhattan.

earlier this year, The Daily Beast reported that Greene is on Trump’s shortlist of potential vice presidential nominees for 2024.

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“She was referred to as Trump in heels,” a Trumpworld source previously told The Daily Beast, adding that Greene and Trump talk to each other “all the time.”

Though wary of protests, Greene hopes Trump supporters will turn up in large numbers at one place: the former president’s upcoming rally.

“I think everyone should show up in Waco, Texas on Saturday,” she told The Daily Beast. “President Trump is holding a massive rally to save America. We must send a message loud and clear: Donald Trump is OUR PRESIDENT!”

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