Donald Trump launches a pre-emptive strike against prosecutor Alvin Bragg ahead of a possible indictment in New York

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  • Donald Trump has launched a pre-emptive attack on Alvin Bragg ahead of a possible indictment.

  • Bragg is the prosecutor overseeing the Stormy Daniels hush money case.

  • Trump could be indicted in the coming days, according to his former fixer, Michael Cohen.

Former President Donald Trump launched a pre-emptive strike on Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg on Thursday night.

In a truth social postTrump said he was “completely innocent” and “did nothing wrong”.

“Now the Democrats are at it again, hitting the ‘nuke button’ and attacking a president over a disgraced blackmailer,” Trump wrote, likely referring to it Stormy Daniels – The adult film actress who says she Had an affair with Trump in 2006.

In his statement, Trump accused Bragg – without explanation or evidence – of being a “George Soros-backed radical left-wing Democratic prosecutor” and of conducting a “sham” investigation against him.

There is no evidence that Soros – a lightning rod for right-wing conspiracy theories – has anything to do with Bragg’s investigation into Trump. Trump didn’t elaborate on what kind of support he thinks Soros is giving to Bragg.

Trump also made a statement in his post on Thursday appealed to his followers to sympathize with himwho writes, “If the Democrats can do this to President Trump, they can do it to you.”

Trump also falsely claimed the investigation was only happening because he was “by a wide margin against both Democrats and Republicans” in the polls.

There is no evidence that Trump’s polls fed into Bragg’s ongoing investigation — the DA’s office has been investigating the case for years. Trump was referred to as “Individual-1” in the 2018 billing records for his former personal attorney and nemesis Michael Cohen.

Cohen pleaded guilty to campaign finance charges related to the hush money payment scheme. He was sentenced December 2018 to three years in prison and was released by the Federal Court of Justice in February 2019 New York Supreme Court.

Trump privately strengthens his staff so that he can Boost attacks against Bragg, The New York Times reported citing two people close to Trump. Part of the Trump camp’s game plan is to spread claims that President Joe Biden was behind Bragg’s investigation, according to The Times.

There is now a real chance Trump will face criminal charges in New York. Bragg is investigating whether Trump’s payments to Daniels violate New York election and document laws and should be considered illegal Trump campaign spending.

Trump has repeatedly denied allegations that he had an affair with Daniels. He, too, denied that he paid her $130,000 worth of hush money to remain silent about the relationship before the 2016 election.

Kohen ended his testimony before a grand jury in New York on Wednesday.

“At the end of the day, Donald Trump must be held accountable for his dirty deeds if the facts actually turn out that way,” Cohen said on Wednesday.

A spokesman for Trump and Bragg representatives in the Manhattan DA’s office did not immediately respond to insider requests for comment aired outside of regular business hours.

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