“Desperate and bigoted”: The right uses the recent shootings to defame trans people

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Photo: Octavio Jones/Getty Images

An already fierce Republican attack on LGBTQ+ rights in the US is sure to gain momentum in the wake of the Nashville school shooting, advocacy groups warn.

Far-right figures wasted little time in taking up what was reported Transgender identity of the Covenant school killer Pushing principles of a “hateful” agenda that has become an obsession of Republican-controlled state houses Florida To Tennessee.

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In contrast to a muted response to numerous mass shootings in which the majority of killers were white, male, and cisgender, these extremists appear to be manipulating the Nashville gunman’s self-identification to advocate for even more anti-trans legislation and waive gun control .

they include Donald Trump Jr Seeking an end to what he calls “bullshit,” gender-affirming grooming; Marjorie Taylor Greene has them Twitter account temporarily suspended for misrepresenting a planned protest against anti-trans laws; and homophobic and transphobic tirades Fox News hosts Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson, who called the trans movement “the natural enemy of Christianity“.

We knew the hate bombs were coming

Jay W Walker from Gays Against Guns

“We knew the hate bombs were coming,” said Jay W Walker, co-founder of the post-2016 advocacy group Gays Against Guns Attack on Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando that killed 49.

“We knew that the second that person’s identity as trans became known, it would just be about demonizing trans people, as they are already doing across the country with hundreds of bills in different legislatures declaring the restrict medicine. Prevent people from using the bathroom or whatever they’re trying to do.

“What matters is what Democrats, progressives, liberals and all accompanying LGBTQ+ groups do in response, because the left has a history of retreating when the right starts making these big pushes.”

Walker and others see hypocrisy in Republicans imposing a wave of draconian new measures on lesbian, gay, transgender and similar marginalized communities while rejecting gun reform proposals and those of Joe Biden Appeals to Congress to reintroduce a federal ban on assault weapons.

Tim Burchett, Republican Congressman for Tennessee, who passed one Nation’s first drag show ban earlier this month alongside legislation blocking certain ones medical care for transgender youthinsisted the day after the Nashville killings that lawmakers played no role in trying to prevent mass shootings.

“We won’t fix it” he has told reporters. “I don’t see any real role we could play other than messing things up.”

According to the Human Rights Campaign, Tennessee enact more anti-LGBTQ+ laws since 2015 than any other state.

The cradle of the movement, however, is Florida, which last year passed a “don’t say gay” bill that has become a bill “chilling” wave of Republican legislation elsewhere. It has doubled in the current legislative session with a series of bills Equality Florida is demanding from Gov. Ron DeSantis “Hate Agenda Board”expanding “don’t say gay” to all grade levels, targeting drag shows and transgender medical care, banning Pride flags on public buildings, and banning pronouns in schools.

Where do we see the headline “Straight White Cisgender Shoots At Church”? you don’t see it

Cathy Renna of the National LBGTQ Task Force

Meanwhile, Florida lawmakers are moving quickly to eliminate all training and licensing requirements for firearm ownership and reset the legal age to purchase a gun to 18 from 21, an increase made after the 2018 massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School was introduced in Parkland, which resulted in 17 deaths.

Carlos Guillermo Smith, special projects manager for Equality Florida and a former Democratic congressman who represents the Pulse community, is angered by Republicans’ determination to focus on a killer’s identity only when it suits them.

“After Pulse, the far right immediately took advantage of the killer’s Muslim faith to advance an Islamophobic agenda. And if they can’t do it with the shooter’s identity, they can do it with unlocked doors, mental health, or video games,” he said.

“The same politicians who repeatedly say it is too early to discuss gun safety reform after another mass shooting are tripping over themselves when they blame transgender people for gun violence. It’s desperate, bigoted, and an apparent attempt to change the subject from guns.

“Does anyone seriously believe that the solution to America’s gun violence epidemic is to ban essential medical care for trans people? It’s the guns and everyone knows it.”

Cathy Renna, Director of Communications National LBGTQ Task Forcealso fears that the Nashville tragedy will encourage Republican extremists to harden their stance.

“The LGBT community, but particularly the trans community, is facing unprecedented attacks in state buildings, in Congress, and on the streets, and it’s just so patently opportunistic that they’ve jumped on it to further advance their agenda,” she said .

“Where do we see the headline ‘Cisgender straight white man blows up a church’? you don’t see it But the real story is the impact on the lives of the people, the young trans children that we work with.

“I’d like to sit down with Ron DeSantis and a bunch of trans kids and help him understand the horrifying implications of what he’s doing. I would love him to sit down with LGBTQ+ families whose kids are in school and can’t talk about their families. I’d like to speak to him with librarians or authors looking at empty shelves.”

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