Biden’s top adviser, Anita Dunn, hit out for encouraging Dem staffers to use TikTok to promote the SOTU speech

Senior White House Advisor Anita Dun was blasted online after it was revealed she had encouraged outside Democratic activists to use TikTok to promote President Biden’s State of the Union address as her old company was hired by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-affiliated firm to avoid a federal ban.

According to a Politico report Thursday Dunn called on Democratic activists ahead of Biden’s February speech to jump onto TikTok and promote the event during a Women’s Community Engagement Update call hosted by the White House Office of Public Engagement.

Dunn reportedly told participants in the call that they wanted to promote the administration’s accomplishments online and that while the White House cannot use TikTok, other Biden proxies shared portions of Biden’s speech on the CCP-affiliated social media platform should share.


Ahead of Biden’s speech in February, senior White House adviser Anita Dunn urged Democratic activists to hop on TikTok and cover the event during a call hosted by the White House Office of Public Engagement to “Women’s Community,” according to a Politico report Thursday Engagement Update”. (Linda Davidson/Staff/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Under the White House ethics policy, Dunn is not permitted to become involved in any matter affecting the company she founded.

TikTok hired SKDK to lobby against a looming federal ban on the CCP-affiliated app.

White House spokesman Andrew Bates told Politico that nothing in Dunn’s remarks was outside of what the administration “has said openly for years: that we are working with outside supporters to get our message across on the major social media platforms.” , including TikTok”.

Several Twitter users gave sharp reprimands News broken by Politico White House reporter Daniel Lippman on Thursday revealed Dunn’s work to promote Biden’s speech on the app. Users pointed out that TikTok hired SKDK — which Dunn helped find — as lawmakers stepped up calls to ban the app.

“Great hit by [Lippman] about how initially [SKDK] recognized the threat TikTok posed to the US and then turned around – wonder how much communist China paid them to sell off US national security,” tweeted former White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

“Anita Dunn starts running [Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm] for the most flagrantly corrupt member of the Biden team,” GOP communicator Matt Whitlock quipped on Twitter.

“Bought and paid for by the CCP,” wrote RedState editor Stephen Miller.

Other Twitter users didn’t hold back with their thoughts on the revelations.

The top White House adviser has come under scrutiny while working in the Biden administration, in what critics see as dodgy moves.

Dunn could not publicly disclose her personal finances and business interests, unlike other presidential appointees, due to an ethical loophole.

Ahead of President Biden's February speech, Dunn urged Democratic activists to hop on TikTok and watch the event during a "Update on women's community engagement" Call hosted by the White House Office of Public Engagement.

Ahead of President Biden’s speech in February, Dunn urged Democratic activists to hop on TikTok and promote the event during a call for the “Women’s Community Engagement Update” hosted by the White House Office of Public Engagement, according to a Politico report Thursday. (Photographer: Jacquelyn Martin/AP/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Federal law requires highly engaged presidential candidates to publicly disclose their finances, but some appointees — known as special government employees — can refrain from disclosing their finances if they serve fewer than 130 workdays in their capacity and their salary is $132,500 or less .


There were 198 calendar days between the date of the inauguration on January 20 and August 5, 2021. According to the US Industrial Relations Administration, any work “done on a specific day means that day is counted as a working day,” including weekends.

If Dunn hadn’t worked any of those weekends, which seems unlikely given her role as senior adviser working on infrastructure and other key White House priorities, Dunn would still have worked 142 days. Excluding federal holidays, Dunn would probably have worked at least 137 days.

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