Arizona Democratic Governor’s Press Secretary Tweets Gunned Image Ripping Up ‘Transphobe’

Arizona Gov. Press Secretary Katie Hobbs sparked an uproar with a tweet bombarding “Transphobe” with an image of a gunman, an image posted on the same day six students and staff at a Christian school were killed by one Transgender gunmen were killed.

Josselyn Berry, spokeswoman for the Democratic governor, posted a tweet Monday night captioned “We when we see transphobes” and included a gif of a woman brandishing two handguns — a post believed to be shockingly deaf.

The unidentified woman in the picture is actress Gena Rowlands from her 1980 film Gloria.

The Arizona Freedom Caucus responded by demanding that Ms. Berry be “fired immediately.”

“Less than 12 hours after the tragic shooting in Nashville by a deranged transgender activist @katiehobbs’ publicist is calling for the shooting of people Democrats disagree with,” the caucus tweeted.

“Calling for such violence is un-American and never acceptable,” the group added.

Among those stunned by the image was conservative Christian radio host Erick Erickson.

“Can you imagine the media reaction if a Republican press secretary did what Gov. Katie Hobbs’ press secretary did today after a mass shooting of children in Nashville?” asked Mr. Erickson on his Substack page. “Josselyn Berry is the current public relations officer for Hobbs, who is paid by Arizona taxpayers.”

Other comments included: “One day @joss_berry will regret tweeting this. What a creepy tweet,” and “She’s openly spreading violence on Twitter,” and “This is going to cost her a job.”

“Josselyn Berry, the woman who directs @katiehobbs communications, sent this threat following the murder (hate crime) of six innocent Christians by a trans activist,” the Kari Lake War Room tweeted. “This message is reprehensible and deserves bipartisan condemnation.”

Republican Kari Lake lost to Ms. Hobbs in the November election.

The Washington Times has reached out to the Arizona governor’s office for comment.

The tweet was part of a conversation that began Monday night with Ms Berry condemning “transphobic” progressives, often feminists, who condemn transgenderism as the eradication of women.

“If you work in the progressive community and you’re transphobic, you’re not progressive. Period. End of the story. It’s not difficult to understand, however [your] Bigotry masquerading as feminism is absolute,” she said.

Someone responded, “I’m not sure these left-wing transphobic posers know who they’re messing with,” which led to Ms. Berry’s armed woman tweet.

Nashville police identified the gunman who killed three children and three Covenant School employees as Audrey Hale, 28, and later said she identified himself as a male. The suspect was shot dead by police about 14 minutes after the first call to 911.

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