The Netflix anime “Scott Pilgrim” will be the cast reunion of the decade

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When Netflix announced that last summer developed a Scottish pilgrim anime, there were already plenty of reasons to celebrate. For one, creator Bryan Lee O’Malley was to write and execute this adaptation of his fantastic comic book series. And by “anime” Netflix really meant it Japanese animated– not the Japanese-influenced, western-made stuff that people often have mistakenly labeled as anime. (Scottish pilgrim receive one of these in the form of a short film in 2010, along with the release of the live-action film.)

Better yet, regular Netflix employee Science Saru would be in charge the animation. The studio is behind some of the most provocative, imaginative work of the last 10 years Devilman crybaby To Stay away from Eizouken! And space dandy. (If you are unfamiliar with at least one of these, please log out and go to it.)

But who would bring our favorite Canadian losers to life this time? Good news: The entire cast of the beloved Scott pilgrim vs the world happened to be available. My reaction, in a word? “Asgdfhjgukl;.”

The Hollywood Reporter announced that the stars of the live action Scottish pilgrim will return to provide the voices for their animated counterparts. Considering her performances are among the many things to love about the film, this is very good news. Michael Kera will again voice the hapless Scott who must defeat his crush Ramona Flowers (Maria Elizabeth Winstead) evil ex-boyfriends to win the right to date her. This pack was performed by the likes of Brandon Routh, Jason Schwartzman, Mae Whitmanand a pre-Marvel Chris Evans.

Between punching guys (and a girl) in video game-inspired fights, Scott hangs with fellow garage rock band members Sex Bob-Omb (played by Mark Webber, Allison Pill, and Johnny Simmons), his roommate Wallace (Kieran Culkin) and his own exes, Knives Chau (Ellen Wong) and Envy Adams (Brie Larson).

It’s both exciting and perhaps unsurprising that all of these people would take their time with their schedules Scottish pilgrim. Although it failed at the box office, Edgar Wright’s film remains a fan favorite. The highly stylized take on the popular cult comics was a labor of love that both Wright and the cast are still fond of speaking about in interviews. They even got back together once before in 2020 and did it a table read on zoom timed to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the film.

“One of the proudest and most gratifying accomplishments of my career has been assembling and working with the Dynamite cast of Scottish pilgrim‘ Wright said in a statement announcing the anime reunion. “Since the film’s release in 2010, we’ve done Q&A, reminiscences and readings for charity, but there’s never been an opportunity to reunite the whole gang for a real project. Until now…”

In fact, if you like video games, anime, or indie rock, you’ve probably already seen it Scott pilgrim vs the world and/or read all six graphic novels at least a dozen times. You’ve probably played it too very good video game, featuring music by chiptune band Anamanaguchi, who will also be working on the anime again. And now you have another very good, very big reason to make room in your schedule for countless marathons of the upcoming anime.

The only bad news here is Netflix Scottish pilgrim remains undated.

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