Nashville Parent Melissa Joan Hart Reveals She Helped Students Flee School Shootings: ‘Enough is Enough’

Melissa Joan Hart, pictured in 2019, released an emotional account of how Monday’s school shooting in Nashville affected her family. (Photo: Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

Melissa Joan Hart shared her close encounter with victims of Monday’s Nashville elementary school shooting that killed seven, including the gunman.

“My kids go to school right next to a school where there was a shooting today,” said the actress, best known for her childhood roles Clarissa explains everything And Sabrina the teenage witch said in a video posted to social media. “We moved here from Connecticut where we were at a school a little way from Sandy Hook, so this is our second experience of a school shooting where our kids were in close proximity.”

Hart and her husband Mark Wilkerson have three sons: Mason, 17; Braydon 15; and 10-year-old Tucker.

“Luckily we’re all fine, but … my husband and I were on our way to school for conferences and – luckily our kids weren’t there today – and we were helping a class of kindergarten kids across a busy highway leading out of school.” climbed forest. They were trying to escape the shooting at their school, so we helped all these little kids cross the street and get their teachers over there. And we helped a mother reunite with her children.”

The actress’ voice cracked as she burst into tears.

“I don’t know what to say anymore,” Hart said. “It’s easy…enough is enough. And just pray, pray for the families.”

She noted in the caption that although she shot her video Monday after filming, she didn’t feel comfortable sharing it until Tuesday. It was, she explained, just “too raw” to share at the time.

Melissa Joan Hart and husband Mark Wilkerson take their sons to Disney's premiere

Melissa Joan Hart and husband Mark Wilkerson are taking their sons to Hollywood on November 5, 2018 for the premiere of Disney’s “Ralph Breaks The Internet.” (Photo: VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images)

Hart has promised that she will take action, and she has already done so. Back in 2016, she joined other parents, including actress Julianne Moore, to protest gun control on New York’s Brooklyn Bridge.

she said shine Magazine in December 2020 that her family had planned to live a laid-back lifestyle in the Tennessee capital.

“Nashville is the closest thing to a city we’ve been to in a long time,” she said. “We really like being outside in the area. The children love to be outside in the woods, climbing trees and catching frogs. I grew up like this, so I want them to do the same.”

In addition to Hart, Music City is home to Mickey Guyton, Sheryl Crow and many other well-known names who also had something to say about the stirring event.

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