Lukas Gage on how he created a group chat with Molly Shannon, former members of NXIVM, ’90 Day Fiancé’ Stars

Luke Gauge and be The White Lotus Co-stars Jennifer Coolidge and Molly Shannon have been close since filming the first season — Shannon in particular.

At a performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! On Thursday, Gage told the late-night host that he and Shannon bonded on the Hawaii set because of their mutual love of reality TV shows. The You Season four stars cites some of his favorites as 90 day fiancee, love after lockup And The vowwhat surprised the late-night host was the actor watching reality TV.

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“I guess it’s a documentary,” Gage admitted. “It actually happened. [Shannon and I] I really shared a bond with this show, and I started a group chat with some of the former members of NXIVM, some of the former members of 90 day fianceand Molly Shannon is in those group chats.”

When Kimmel asked the actor how the group chat came about in the first place, Gage explained that he just reached out to them and told them he was a fan of theirs.

“I really think it’s so brave that they did the show,” he said. “We are in a text message chain. We talk all the time. you love You season four. They are my only fans.”

As for 90 day fiance, Gage said he writes with twins Darcey and Stacey Silva, who are his “hype wives.”

“I need her to find love and I’m invested,” he said. “They want me to just keep killing it, and I want that [them] to find love It’s a beautiful friendship.”

The guest and host then continued talking The White Lotus, Gage admitted that maybe there was a small part of him that was hoping season two wouldn’t be as good as the first season.

For their final chat, Kimmel switched to Gage’s most recent role as Adam in You and told viewers that the photo he wanted to show them “might be shocking”.

The actor began sharing how he got a facial — “Boys need facials too, let’s normalize this” — and the facialist kept looking at him “really weird.” She eventually told him his eyebrows were uneven, which he claimed he had never noticed until he went home.

“I look in the mirror and I’m like, ‘Oh my god, my eyebrows are uneven,'” Gage said. “Two days later I go back, I go to the beautician and I say, ‘Let’s fix this eyebrow.’ And she gave me a unit of botox on my eyebrow.”

Kimmel then shared a photo of Gage after developing something called “ptosis,” which is drooping of an eyelid. According to the actor, 2 percent of people who get Botox suffer from ptosis, which Kimmel quipped, “Seems too high.”

“That was my eye for six weeks, and the character only wears sunglasses for the rest of the time [of the season]’ Gauge said. “I wrote that long letter like this: ‘What if he gets a black eye? His wedding is coming up, what if he just gets botched?’ And they said, ‘We’ll just put sunglasses on you.’”

The presenter joked that the ptosis distracted from Gage’s uneven brows before praising his actually “gorgeous” brows.

“Don’t let these crazy people tell you to get shots in the face,” Kimmel told the actor, to which he replied, “I think it’s a lesson for everyone out there. Nobody has a symmetrical face. Everything’s going to be a little bit off and a little bit different, and I think that was a hard and quick lesson I learned that botox isn’t for me.”

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