Keanu Reeves saying “Darling” and personalizing t-shirts gives us more reasons to love him

Keanu Reeves offered a rare glimpse into his personal life this week as he shared his final moment of bliss.

“A few days ago with my sweetheart,” the doting John Wick: Chapter 4 star said meanwhile People magazine’s One Last Thing interview. This “honey,” we suspect, was a reference to his longtime girlfriend, Los Angeles artist Alexandra Grant.

“We were in bed. we were connected We smiled and laughed and giggled. To feel good. It was just really nice to be together,” he said, sharing details of the blissful moment.

Reeves’ comments had fans gushing all over the esteemed “Matrix” and “Speed” star.

“That’s why people love Keanu,” one fan wrote in the comments section of the YouTube video showing the interview.

“[He’s] so wonderfully normal. I feel like I could say hello,” wrote another.

“Oh, who doesn’t envy them? Keanu Reeves says that about you for the whole world to hear. I’m glad he’s so happy with her,” said another commenter.

Reeves, 58, and Grant, 49, have worked together for years and have shown off subtle PDAs. The actor collaborated with Grant on two books, Ode to Happiness in 2011 and Shadows in 2016, of which he was the subject and has been described as her “longtime friend”. Interest in the couple surged in 2019 after “John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum” amid the so-called Summer of Keanuwhen they stepped out together at the LA County Museum of Arts’ 2019 Art + Film Gala.

The “Toy Story 4” star was considered a beloved “internet friend” at the time, he says People at the time that it’s “crazy” but that “the positivity is great”.

The admiration continued this week after it was revealed Reeves made another thoughtful gesture.

A report from the New York Times about the notable action scenes in “John Wick Chapter 4” included a detail about Reeves giving the film’s stunt crew t-shirts showing the number of deaths each of them faced in the film. The action sequel, which had its best franchise start last weekend, reinstated stunt workers in several scenes and the death toll of some crew members exceeded 20. In October 2021, Reeves too gave his four-man stunt team personalized Rolex Submariner watches as gift packaging at the end of production. Each watch is said to have been engraved with a thank you note for their work.

Despite which seemed a natural conclusion For the action sequel, Reeves and director Chad Stahelski may not be done with the notorious killer’s story.

Reeves recently told it Weekly entertainment that he’s taking a “never say never” approach to moving beyond the four-film franchise, and Stahelski echoed those views.

“[T]These things are so fun, challenging, painful and special,” the director told EW. “You know, if you ask any director in Hollywood to direct his own IP, come up with his own ideas and have some of the best actors in Hollywood, you’ve got some of the best crews wanting to work with you because they know that you’re going to do something special, I mean yeah, who wouldn’t trip over themselves to do that? If you think it’s not a good idea to work with Keanu for the rest of your career, you’re crazy; that’s crazy, of course.”

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