“Euphoria” star Jacob Elordi requests a restraining order against an alleged stalker


“euphoria” chunks, Jacob ElordiShe seeks legal protection from a suspected stalker.

In legal documents obtained from The Blast, the Australian native, filed a restraining order against Robert Dennis Furo.

The TRO was filed on March 13thth before the Los Angeles Superior Court.

Jacob Elordi files a restraining order


“Euphoria” star Jacob Elordi requests a restraining order against an alleged stalker

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He only seeks protection for himself and not family members.

Elordi claims he was molested by Furo in Los Angeles County, which caused him to suffer and continue to suffer from emotional distress.

His alleged stalker left him suspicious pastries

He notes on the TRO, “I’m an actor best known for my starring role on the HBO series ‘Euphoria.’ On February 5, 2023, I left my Hollywood home to walk my dog ​​with my friend, Charlie Oldman. When we came back from the walk, I saw a plastic bag full of pastries hanging on the street-side gate of my house. Not knowing who it belonged to or why it was hanging on my gate, I took the bag down from the gate and threw it in my bin behind the gate. About five minutes later I heard a man call my name. The man entered through two side gates and was in my backyard. He was screaming my name and saying, ‘Get out of here you nutcase.'”

Stalker Bobby Furo

The explosion

Further describing the horrific encounter, Elordi wrote: “He was screaming that he knew I was in the house. He screamed that he loved me and that he was glad to have seen my “stupid ugly face”. But he also said that he was disgusted how I could just throw away the gift he gave me and that I had to return it.”

The actor says he instructed Furo to “walk many times before finally going through the side gates.”

He also mentions Nicholas Cage In the TRO, Furo is said to have stalked him as well! Furo reportedly broke into Cage’s house NAKED in 2007. In 2008 he was sentenced to six months in rehab.

Elordi claims he never met or communicated with his alleged stalker.

The explosion

The explosion

“I never gave Mr. Furo my home address or my place of residence. I try to keep my home address private and I don’t know how he got my home address. I have no personal or other relationship with Mr. Furo. I have no desire to have any relationship with Mr. Furo. There is absolutely no reason or legitimate purpose for Mr. Furo to contact me or come to my house,” he explained.

After February 5thth After the incident, Elordi was out of the country on business and when he returned home, his security camera warned him of movement in his home.

Mr. Furo left him a handwritten note!

Note to Jacob Elordi by Robert Dennis Furo

The explosion

“My security camera caught Mr. Furo three times in 30 minutes as he came through my side gate,” writes Elordi. “He brought a bouquet of roses and a bag of candy that he left in my backyard, along with a handwritten note that read, ‘Jacob, I wanted to apologize for 3 sat. before. Was hoping to catch you. Wanted you to tell me if you sent. I found you quite organically without an address on a beautiful Saturday afternoon without getting lost like this time. Would it be possible if you could call. My hands are shaking. Bobby Furo. (XXX) XXX-XXXX.’”

Elordi fears Mr Furo is “watching or monitoring my home and or somehow tracking my location as he did not attempt to visit my home until I returned from my work trip”.

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