Cheers to the moose: everyone knows the name of the popular ’80s sitcom star and Masked Singer eliminator

The scorpion and the moose go home in the 80s night of season 9 of The Masked Singer. (Photos: fox)

At the beginning of Wednesday Masked Singer On ’80s night, everyone was wondering who the moose was – even the retro episode’s surprise guests, Young MC, Erik Estrada, Charlene Tilton and Donnie Wahlberg. The jury thought the man behind the antlers and the antics – whose whimsical cover of Huey Lewis’ “Power of Love” was “so charming in every way” according to Robin Thicke – could be Jon Lovitz, John Goodman or Ed O’Neill.

But soon everyone knew his name. And instead of the studio audience chanting, “Moose! Moose!” they cried happily: “standard!”

Yes, the moose was nothing but loved applause Actor George Wendt, who narrated Masked Singer Host Nick Cannon that he signed up for this “deeply ridiculous” experience because “I thought I might do it win!” This was a sardonic nod to a hint that he’d been nominated for six straight years in the 1980s but passed by the Emmys, but Wendt’s fellow comedian, Judge Ken Jeong, was quick to show some respect for the moose’s name.

applause is one of my favorite shows of all time. I’ve seen every single episode of applause‘, Ken to George. “But what people don’t know is that you’re also a Second City legend. You’re one of my influences and I’m honored to have you on this stage.”

“Let’s go have a beer!” Then Wendt cried out. The jury and the audience were obviously happy that he came to the show.

With the elimination of the moose early Wednesday (the opener of this season’s third and final group of contestants before the quarterfinals), that left the scorpion, who had sang a cheeky cover of Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” and the puppet, the schooled the competition with a warm, somber approach to Simple Minds. The Breakfast Club Click “Don’t You (Forget About Me)”. The two then went to the Battle Royale ring to collect all my Duran Duran/Masked Singer fan Venn Chart dreams come true when you cover “Hungry Like the Wolf.”

Both did a good job although the Scorpio ended up getting windier than Simon Le Bon running through the Sri Lankan jungle while the Doll made it stay hungry just a little bit longer (That’s a Doll note all of its own…read on!) And as much as it hurt, the scorpion was eliminated.

The judges thought it might be her TRL-era pop starlet Willa Ford, Kim Cattrall, Heidi Klum or a real housewife like Denise Richards or Lisa Rinna, but she turned out Sell ​​sunset Reality star Christine Quinn – a girl who really knew how to have fun and made the most of her assignment Masked Singer Experience. “Your enthusiasm and energy was probably the best thing of this whole season,” judge Nicole Scherzinger told her.

So now the puppet is the new reigning (drag) queen, and I’ll get straight to the point because it’s incredibly obvious. I know exactly who that is: This twisted sister is none other than Dee Snider.

This misfit was obviously trying to tone down his signature metal squeal on Wednesday’s new wave covers – but as Dee once sang, you can’t stop rock ‘n’ roll and there just wasn’t any camouflage to his vocals. But aside from the voice, all clues pointed to the Twisted Sister frontman, who confessed he felt “right at home” on ’80s night.

We saw a house full of animals and starred in two of Twisted Sister’s biggest music videos animal shelter Villain Mark Metcalf. Another clue was the word “ghostwriter” – a reference to Doll’s “creepy film career” – and Dee wrote the screenplay for the horror film Strange country. He mentioned a moment in his career when “the man” said his “group of lost misfit dolls” were “too weird and tried to knock us out,” but then “he stepped onto their playground and tutored them” — clearly a reference to Dees Involved in a 1985 Senate hearing with Tipper Gore’s Parents Music Resource Center after the PMRC placed Twisted Sisters “We’re Not Gonna Take It” on a proposed list of banned “Filthy Fifteen” songs. We saw a playbill and Dee did Broadway shows like rock of times And Rocktopia and even released the album Dee does Broadway in 2012. Dee has also said his main influences were the New York Dolls and The Rocky Horror Picture Showwhich explains this reference to a “rocky childhood” and of course his costume choices.

And finally, as Dee himself pointed out in a Yahoo Entertainment interview in 2021, he “literally wore women’s clothes” in the early days of Twisted Sister, and he’d even happily enlist as a guest judge RuPaul’s Drag Race – which explains why he was so comfortable in the doll’s pencil skirt, tiny waist and high heels. And all these years later he still had the legs to pull it off!

The Doll is now going to next week’s Movie Night where he probably won’t be singing any of that Strange country Soundtrack, but maybe we’ll get to hear it Rock horror‘s “Time Warp” or “Hot Patootie (Bless My Soul)” or maybe even Twisted Sister’s Pee-wee’s Big Adventure Cult hit “Burn in Hell”. Until then.

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