Carrie Ann Inaba hospitalized for appendectomy: ‘Could have been a lot worse’

The Dancing with the stars Alum urged fans, “If you have a stomach ache please get it checked out because it could be something very serious.”


Carrie Ann Inaba thanks for her health after suffering an unexpected hospitalization last week.

“I had an emergency appendectomy last week,” he said Dancing with the stars The 55-year-old judge revealed on Instagram Thursday, sharing video of her hospital digs over a soundtrack of Meghan Trainor’s “Me Too.”

“Although it was quite a painful experience, I also know that even feeling this pain is a gift. After talking to my doctor, I realize it could have been a lot worse.”

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“Appendicitis occurs suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere,” Inaba continued. “And when you’re in so much pain, the last thing you want to do is go anywhere. And when you have an autoimmune disease, you often have weird health occurrences that no one can explain to you or help you with, so sometimes try and wait, like I did.”

Inaba who has several autoimmune diseases that have affected her health in recent years, said: “I was wrong. I should have gone straight to the hospital when the pain in my stomach started after the sudden and violent vomiting that knocked me off my feet. I should have left when I couldn’t stand without excruciating pain … but I honestly didn’t want to leave my babies, and I’m so used to pain — figured I should let it go.”

“If you have a stomach ache, please get it checked out because it could be something very serious,” she added.

Inaba also thanked the team caring for her at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. “If I had to do it again, I’d get back to you,” she joked. “Fortunately, my appendix won’t bother me anymore.”

Inaba has been vocal about her health struggles and acknowledged it on her online wellness platform in 2021. Conversations with Carrie Annthat dealing with them can feel isolating.

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“Dealing with autoimmune diseases can feel pretty lonely at times,” she said. “When I was first diagnosed, some encouraged me to keep my struggles to myself, but I’ve found that being honest about my needs and realities was always better than being silent. I’m a big believer in sharing my journey, my solutions, and the things that have helped me with anyone who might need it – that’s how communities are built.

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