Ben Affleck says ‘brilliant’ Jennifer Lopez helped him understand ‘culture and style’ for Nike film

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Steve Granitz/FilmMagic Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck says he received support from his wife Jennifer Lopez about the design of his upcoming film Air.

“Oh my god, she’s brilliant,” said Affleck, 50 The Hollywood Reporter in a new cover story published Thursday. “She is incredibly knowledgeable about how fashion is evolving through culture as a confluence of music, sport, entertainment and dance.”

During a wide-ranging conversation that delved into Affleck’s longtime friendship Air costar Matt Damon plus his Appearing at the Grammy Awards alongside Lopezsaid the actor-director and his wife, 53, “helped me talk about it as part of the reason for Jordans.” [the shoes] It’s because the culture and style of America is 90 percent black culture that’s so meaningful.”

“Black culture has historically pioneered music, dance and fashion, and it was then stolen, appropriated, remarketed as Elvis or whatever,” Affleck said while referring to it Airwhich follows how Nike partnered for the first time Michael Jordan in the 1980s.

“And in this case [Nike], a business unit run by White, began doing business with African American athletes as part of an identity affiliation sale,” he added. “They really cared about what Michael Jordan represents and who he is. I don’t think the importance can be overstated. They’ll go from “Hey guys, we’re a nice shoe” to “If Mike’s got it, you want it.” “

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Ben Affleck The Hollywood Reporter Magazine Cover March 2023

Ben Affleck The Hollywood Reporter Magazine Cover March 2023

The Hollywood Reporter Ben Affleck on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter

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When asked about the risk of repeating the appropriation Nike described by making a film about the situation, the director said THR “This is not my film” and said he consulted with those who “can help me put it in context” with the new film.

“I’m telling a story that’s about a combination of things, and this is one aspect of it,” Affleck said, explaining that ignoring “white Americans’ appropriation of black culture for profit” would lead to a worse outcome .

“What I’m going to do is talk to people who understand it better than I do and who can help me contextualize it, and that’s it [costume designer] Karl [Antoinette Jones]that was [costar Viola Davis]”, he said. “Chris [Tucker]he gave me monologues, he gave me scenes, and it was very organic.”

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In the upcoming film, written by Alex Convery, Affleck himself plays Nike, Inc. co-founder Philip Knight and Damon, 52, plays sports marketing executive Sonny Vaccaro. Air Also starring are Jason Bateman, Chris Messina, Marlon Wayans, Gustaf Skarsgård and Davis as Jordan’s mother, Deloris.

Air hits theaters on April 5th.

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